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Warehouse Workers
Our aim is always to provide a hassle free, quality service. We offer fair prices for your stock and will always work with you to understand your exact requirements. 

We work with many businesses on an ongoing basis, often purchasing surplus stock on a regular basis, and we also carry out many one-off contracts.

We work with administrators who are managing the liquidation of companies. We can purchase the stock, but also other assets such as plant and machinery and fixtures, fittings and furniture. 

We understand that space is expensive. Holding on to surplus stock will erode profits and can affect the operational capacity of your business. Promotions and heavily discounted sales are time-consuming and may result in a loss by the time all the selling costs are added in. 

Holding stock can require considerable working capital. By selling surplus stock you can release working capital to help run your business effectively.


Whatever your stock reduction requirements are, we can help you. Please get in contact with us.

We supply a variety of goods at extremely competitive prices to both individuals and businesses. Our routes to market consist mainly of bulk wholesale sales and back to back purchase and sale agreements.

We have an extensive network of customers, many of whom are businesses who purchase regularly from us. 

We are a responsible business and are mindful of the effect on the environment of our society. We send very little stock to landfill and always recycle where possible, We regularly donate stock to many charities. If you are a charity that would like to be added to our distribution list please contact us.

We offer competitive prices with a professional and fast delivery service. We are proud of our track record in providing a quality service.

We email our customers and contacts when we receive new stock. We often can supply current lines and fast moving consumer goods at very competitive prices. If you would like to be added to our wholesale customer list please contact us. 

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